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The ConveyorControl Configurator is a PC software program for the configuration and simple addressing of the ConveyorControl system.

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For use of the ConveyorControl system with a GatewayControl a device description (electronic data sheet) is required.

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This includes EDS-Files for PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT.

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Visualization, parameter setting and preventive maintenance: Step into the digital world of pallet conveying with the configuration software.

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Belt Drives

Checkout Drives

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User Manual for Drum Motor DM-Series

User Manual for straight plug connection DM-Series

User Manual for Drum Motors i-Series, S-Series, S/A-Series and D-Series
User Manual for Checkout Drives C-Series, S-SMP Series and S-Series (DC version)

Pallet Control

Interroll Cassette 6C Type L-, U-, T-, W- and C-Design
Interroll Cassette 6M Type for L- U- T- C and S-Design



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Certificates for the RollerDrive

Certificates for Drum Motors

Certificates for the RollerDrive

Certificates for Drum Motors