Interroll pulleys with integrated bearings complete our proven drum motor drive systems on the opposite side of the conveyor belt. For use in belt conveyors, Interroll has developed the suitable idler pulley, which corresponds to the modular construction principle and design of the drum motors. The precision-made pulleys are just as easy to assemble as the drum motors.

The drum motor drive system is supplemented by the standard 1450 series rollers, which are intended for use as a snub or idler pulley and as ventilating, tensioning and inserting rollers in belt conveyors and their drive stations. Interroll offers a complete accessory kit for all drums and rollers. This greatly simplifies the design, construction, installation and operation of such conveyors.

Interroll Produits

Tambour de renvoi avec roulements intégrés

  • Axe fixe
  • Tube de précision
  • Roulements intégrés
  • Dimensions identiques aux tambours moteurs
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