Meet Liczy who joined Interroll in 2001

Regional Sales Manager in Newmarket Ontario, Canada

At a young age I moved from Columbia to Canada without any former knowledge of English.

Before I joined Interroll the very first thing I did was to learn English with the intention of studying at the university in the future. At this time, I earned a living from my job at “Wendy's.”

In 2001 I became the chance to get a temporary job in the Interroll Dynamic Storage department.

I immediately noticed that the respect towards staff and expectations of employees in this company was very well balanced. Here, recognition was given to hard work and employees were rewarded with the opportunity for promotion and further development. I learned about the products and their function from the ground up, threw myself into it and with great willpower I managed to establish myself to be now the Regional Sales Manager here at Interroll in Canada.

However, this does not mean that my product knowledge is now perfect. I learn new things every day and this brings me much enjoyment. This is especially the case when dealing with our clients.

I particularly like the people, the solid and well-developed company, the recognized brand and the quality of the products. I am proud and well respected by my customers.

I’m actually working on projects with Femsa, Florida Beverage, Pepsico, Roche, Ser Natural Water, Intima and CF in Honduras… just to name a few ones. All these customers rely on our service, our high-quality products, fair prices and strict adherence to our delivery deadlines. Although we, as a team, can be proud of our record to date, we must not rest on our laurels. There is still a lot to be done and many improvements to be made. I personally would like to gain more experience with products in order to fully understand the mechanics.

For my long term object I would love going back to my roots and setting up a sales department in Latin America.

In my free time I keep fit by going jogging and playing squash and I enjoy reading and travelling. I am very interested in the diverse range of cultures on our wonderful planet, and as I grew up on a continent that enjoys life with all its senses, I love music, dancing, cooking and in logical order, eating. I really love aromatic coffee and spicy cheese.